CS Unitec Hand-Held Concrete & Metal Scarifiers

Hand-held scarifiers are ideal for work in applications with smaller square footage, as well as compact, difficult-to-reach, or confined spaces. Lightweight yet durable, these tools are user-friendly and versatile. Our hand-held scarifiers are available with electric or pneumatic power, with two- and -four-inch cutting widths. They are a great alternative to small-area shot blasting. Ergonomic rubber hand grips improve handling and aid movement along material surfaces. An integrated dust shroud collects dust and debris, which improves job site cleanliness and worker safety.

Hand-held scarifiers from CS Unitec are designed to remove a variety of products from metal and concrete surfaces. Examples include:

  • Alkyds
  • Adhesives
  • Lead-based paints
  • Mastics
  • Coatings
  • Corrosion


CS Unitec


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