Sherwood Scuba ZODIAC+ – ZDP5

Sherwood Scuba’s ZODIAC BC incorporates thermoplastic polyurethane with an innovative, user friendly design. This BC Sets new standards for durability and ease-of-use among buoyancy compensators.

The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material combines extraordinary strength and durability with the unique ability to dry almost instantly. No matter how long you dive, the ZODIAC will not absorb a single drop of water. After a dive, just a quick rinse and it will be dry in minutes. The TPU material will NOT degrade from UV exposure. Known as photodegradation, exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun brutalizes most materials, causing cracking, fading, loss of flexibility and strength. But TPU has exceptional resistance to UV rays, so the ZODIAC will not fade even from long hours of exposure to sunlight.

* Material adds a dimension of ruggedness and durability.

* Easy to clean and store after a dive.

* Extremely durable.

* Unique speed-dry material is completely dry in five minutes.

* Available in six sizes.


Sherwood Scuba


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