Princeton Tec EOS II MPLS

The Intrinsically Safe EOS II MPLS takes our durable and lightweight EOS headlamp and turns it into a modular option through the time-tested Princeton Tec MPLS kit.

The EOS II is designed and built to meet the most rigorous of demands both in application and environment, regardless of the hazard present. Waterproof, constructed of high grade materials and self-contained, the EOS II offers long burn times utilizing regulated circuity.


  • Intrinsically Safe
  • UL Rating: Class 1, Div 1: Groups A, B, C & D

Includes MPLS Headlamp mounts:

  • NVG Adapter Plate
  • Bracket mount for MOLLE and/or standard nylon headstrap
  • Standard nylon headstrap


Princeton Tec


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