• Single Ramp System
  • Wider Ramp Area
  • Light/Medium Weight Vehicles
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The Liberator is a single – ramp Elevated Tactics System designed to fit a wide variety of medium weight vehicles. Ideal for SWAT and anti – terror forces, the Liberator system is simple to operate and can be rapidly deployed to reach its maximum height in less than 10 seconds.

The Liberator provides advanced assault and rescue capabilities to the host vehicle, without hindering any of the vehicle’s features including access to the vehicle’s roof hatch/turret. The Liberator comes standard with Side Deployment Rails (SDR) and the Multi – Angle Extension Ramp (MER).


  1. Single Hydraulic Ramp
  2. Multi – Angle Extension Ramp
  3. Side Deployment Rails
  4. Safety Railing System


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