• Fully – sealed pistons and gearbox – safer for use in nuclear power plants, sensitive jobsites and underwater
  • For cutting pipe, cutting metal, tanks, structural steel, wood, profiles and more
  • Saw for cutting metal pipes, sheets, and other hard materials
  • Hydraulic motor with variable speeds, from 100 to 500 strokes/minute
  • Pipe cutting saw up to 30″ OD in one pass
  • Cold cut saw ideal for small, confined spaces
  • Pneumatic and electric models available

CS Unitec’s power hacksaws offer a wide range of options for portable cutting of pipe, structural steel, tanks and other materials. Our saws are designed for the toughest service in refineries, power plants, utilities, offshore oil, construction, and demolition applications, and are ideal for shutdowns and turnarounds in process piping industries. The hack is safer than cutting with a welding torch in hazardous areas or confined spaces.


  • Pneumatic, electric or hydraulic motor with variable speeds
  • Ideal for cutting pipe, tanks, structural steel, profiles and other materials
  • Designed for the toughest service in refineries, chemical plants, utilities, pipelines, construction, offshore oil and demolition applications
  • Cut pipe up to 24 inch OD in one pass
  • Chain clamps and profile clamps available for accurate 90° cutting of pipe and structural steel
  • 2 – 3/8 inch stroke for heavy – duty cutting
  • Ideal for cutting in confined spaces
  • Accommodate heavy – duty blades up to 37 inch long
  • Optional saw blade guides to increase blade stability
  • Pneumatic pipe clamp system available for automatically cutting pipe; easily attaches to pneumatic hacksaw and shares same air supply
  • One – year warranty


CS Unitec