Sherwood Scuba SR2 (SRB2000) Regulator

The SR2 regulator continues the legacy the SR1 created. It packs advanced technology into a compact case, employing contemporary styling and utilizing a multitude of cutting edge materials. Superior breathing performance of less than 0.65 joules/liter, W.O.B. at 165 fsw, 62.5 RMV. The SR2 is more technically advanced and more attractive than its predecessor.

2nd Stage Features

  • One touch performance adjustment
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Super flex hose
  • Nitrox ready up to 40%
  • Large flexible purge cover
  • SMART Demand Lever – relieves load on seat. Extends seat’s life while in storage
  • Improved flexible purge cover

1st Stage Features

  • Completely dry and environmentally sealed
  • Five low pressure ports on a 360° swivel
  • Two high pressure ports
  • Two-piece piston for precise optimum balance and intermediate pressure control
  • Available in 300 BAR DIN


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