• One Piece Forged Halligans (24in and 30in)
  • 24in Bolt Cutters
  • 23lb Composite Ram
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Light Weight Composite Frame
  • Included rain fly
  • MOLLE Compatible
  • Quick Release Straps

The RamPak Pro Heavy Breaching Kit is the latest addition to the Rapid Assault Tools line of mechanical breaching kits. The RamPak Pro is a heavy breaching kit that comes complete with all of the tools needed for even the toughest breaches. This high quality kit includes a lightweight composite framed backpack (includes rain fly) that is designed to be worn with a plate carrier. Each RamPak Pro includes five specially selected tools: 30” Halligan, 24” Halligan, 23lb Composite Ram, 24” Bolt Cutters, and a Mini Sledge Hammer. These tools give professional entry teams the equipment they need to breach inward and outward opening wooden and steel doors.


  • Composite framed backpack will not permanently deform.
  • Rain fly included to protect tools during transport.
  • MOLLE loops on belt and rear of pack for attachment of auxiliary supplies
  • Hook and loop patch mounting location on back of pack
  • Quick release shoulder straps allow the pack to be quickly dropped in an emergency
  • One piece forged halligans will stand up to years of regular operational use
  • Bolt cutters feature replaceable blades 
  • Easy to use velcro straps allow each tool to be removed and replaced independently 

Tools Included 


30” Halligan Bar

9.4 LBS


24” Halligan Bar

7.8 LBS

BR23 – C

23LB Composite Ram

23.4 LBS

SH15 – 3

3LB Sledge Hammer

3.8 LBS


24” Bolt Cutters

5.4 LBS

RMP – PRO Data Sheet Download


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