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  • Optimize comfort, performance and modularity
  • Customized to fit any 10×12 shooter/swimmer, (E)SAPI, and Velocity Systems ULV plates
  • Reinforced shoulder pads
  • Drag handle exceeds 300 pounds in testing
  • Includes closed cell comfort foam
  • Four metal E – Buckles (Polymer Buckle option available)
  • Equipped with adjustable Heavy Auto – Fit Cummerbund™
  • Includes Integrated Interior Load Bearing Wings™
Plate Specifications

Small Swimmer/Shooter Cut Plate, Medium/Large Swimmer/Shooter Cut Plate, Extra Large Swimmer/Shooter Cut Plate, 10×12 SAPI Plate, Small SAPI Cut Plate, Medium SAPI Cut Plate, Medium Long SAPI Cut Plate, Large SAPI Cut Plate, Extra Large SAPI Cut Plate

Auto-Fit Cummerbund Size

Size 6, Size 7, Size 8

PlateFrame Color

Black, Tan, Toadvine, Multicam +$79.00


S&S Precision