Mystery Ranch Hotshot Shelter Case

A requirement basic yet vital, the Shelter Case must operate perfectly in an emergency, yet live virtually unnoticed during everyday operations. Having tracked and documented durability and performance in the field for over a decade, we’ve reinforced all high-wear areas, turned the final seam out to decrease friction points, and finished it with 6,6 web. Not only has the case’s longevity increased, but wear and tear on the high dollar Fire Shelter itself is reduced. Plus, we’ve improved our closure and release system, minimizing debris access and locating the pull-tab closer to the hand.

  • Double-layered in high-wear areas
  • 6,6 Nylon web for additional durability on corners and seams
  • Ambidextrous set-up for right or left hand access
  • MOLLE with tuck-tabs system for attachment
  • Four-flap closure seals completely and deploys rapidly and reliably
  • Replacement part for HOTSHOT and HOTSHOT TL



Mystery Ranch