Mystery Ranch COMM 4 Pack

The COMM 4 is designed with integrated storage for batteries and antennae. The internal radio retention straps can be configured to accommodate a range of larger format radios from 117G and 117F, as well as other systems. Interior sides are lined with fabric sleeves for cable routing. Cables can also be routed directly into the battery compartment and out ports on the top and bottom of each side. The exterior has PALS webbing on the front and sides to attach MOLLE accessories. The wide mouth VELCRO® opening at the top provides easy access to attached antennae and cables. The COMM 4 is built on the NICE Frame.

  • Designed for use with Daypack Lid and Hitchhiker 20 accessories for sustainment gear
  • The NICE Frame is a rigid yet dynamic system that moves with you. The frame consists of three vertical and three horizontal carbon fiber stays and a full fabric panel between the stays that absorbs shock and increases the flexibility of the frame. This patented construction allows the frame to flex with your body, resulting in top-down load transfer to comfortably carry heavy loads. The Futura Yoke easily micro adjusts to the torso length allowing the proper amount of stand-off between the back and frame.
  • The BVS – Bolstered Ventilation and Stability system– allows for a stable, secure fit over body armor.
  • Side VELCRO® access ports for routing cables
  • Autolock buckles prevent slippage
  • Bottom compression straps
  • VELCRO® access port for antennae and cables
  • Slotted sleeves on inner sides for cable management
  • PALS webbing on interior and exterior accommodates MOLLE accessories
  • Battery compartment fits up to four 5590 or 2590 batteries with internal cable routing to main compartment


Mystery Ranch