Developed specifically for use with the MOHOC® and MOHOC® IR Cameras, the Multi – Mount is designed to extend the functionality of your camera beyond the helmet.

This single accessory allows MOHOC® Cameras to securely mount on flat surfaces, tripods, weapon rails, and hundreds of action camera mounts.

Just like the MOHOC® Cameras it supports, the Multi – Mount is purpose – built tactical equipment with innovative form – factor, military – grade ruggedization, and intuitive user interface.

Instantly secure your MOHOC® Camera to the top of the Multi – Mount with industrial – grade VELCRO® Brand fastener. Then use the anchor points on the bottom to attach the Multi – Mount wherever your operation demands.


Flat Surface Mount (view of underside)

  1. Flat base with VELCRO® Brand hook to attach to flat surfaces
  1. 1/4” 20 nut to connect to tripod or Action Camera Adaptor
  1. Picatinny Adaptor & KeyMod™ attachment holes