The modular Low – Profile Armor Carrier (LPAC) / Low – Profile Assault Armor Carrier (LPAAC) option is designed to give the end user the ability to select the vest setup that best matches their personal preference or mission specific needs. The five different LPAC/LPAAC configurations were created by mixing the fronts and backs of the two carriers and providing cummerbund and front flap options.



  • LP1 setup comprised of LPAAC front panel, LPAC back panel, and CBN3 Cummerbund
  • Admin pouch with three external rows of MOLLE webbing on chest
  • Back panel includes loop panel and a drag handle at the top and three rows of MOLLE webbing at the bottom
  • CBN3 – Three internal elastic mag pouches, soft armor pocket, and 6”x6” plate pocket with internal adjustment


Velocity Systems