Our most advanced non-ballistic helmet. The vented carbon composite shell is optimized for use with
communications headsets and delivers total modularity. Skeleton Ops-Core ARC Rails and Ops-Core ARC Shims offer increased functionality. Anti-scratch coating is available and a lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud reduces snagging with integrated NVG retention. The Vented Lux Liner enables stability and comfort while fully loaded and is available with three suspension retention options.

  • Lightweight, non-ballistic shell made of a hybrid design of unidirectional composite carbon fibers
  • High-performance evolution of the Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut Helmet System with improved comfort and increased stability
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The FAST SF Carbon Composite tactical helmet system is the ultimate non-ballistic solution for low-threat environments. With a shell weight of just .726 lbs., it provides enhanced impact protection from blunt-force trauma. Its rigid, non-flexing platform is engineered to be fully kitted for both day and night operations, accommodating NVGs and all Ops-Core accessories. The FAST SF Carbon Composite is ideal for rugged training, fast roping, and recce, airborne, and water missions. Operators interested in adding ballistic protection can do so with the addition of an Ops-Core FAST Low-Profile Ballistic Applique, sold separately.

Features & Specifications

  • Lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) reduces snag hazards and features carabiner clips to improve NVG retention and stability while reducing interference with other rail-mounted accessories
  • PowerPath™ ARC™ Rail system provides a lightweight mounting solution for Ops-Core headborne ecosystems
  • Vented Lux Liner with Occ-Dial Universal Fitband offers comfort and ventilation
  • Head-Loc retention Chinstrap maintains security and stability
  • External VELCRO® Brand loop kit allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment of headborne accessories
  • Proprietary recessed groove accommodates over-the-head communication accessories with no interference and allows for helmet donning and doffing without headset removal
  • Add Ballistic Protection by adding FAST Low Profile Ballistic Applique (sold separately)

Suspension & Retention Options

The Ops-Core Vented Lux Liner is a suspension system that combines a one-piece full coverage impact layer with modular breathable comfort pads that can be customized and repositioned for comfort without affecting impact performance.

Testing Protocols & Design

Modified and abbreviated Family of Tactical Headborne Systems, dated June 30th 2017 Ops-Core Performance Specification FAST SF PS-11448


M: Circumference 20-7/8 to 22 in (53 to 56 cm), L: Circumference 22 to 23-1/4 in (56 to 59 cm), XL: Circumference 23-1/4 to 24-3/8 in (59 to 62 cm), XXL (+$50): Circumference 24-3/8 to 25-3/8 in (62 to 64-1/2 cm)


Black, MULTICAM (+$45.00), TAN 499, Urban Gray, Ranger Green

Suspension & Retention

Vented Lux Liner with OCC Dial


Ops-Core Gentex