The all new GEN4 Hydraulic RatPak™ is a self-contained, multi-purpose Hydraulic Breaching Tool kit. Seven engineered tools are powered by a compact, high-speed DeWalt 60V battery-powered hydraulic pump. The individual tools can be quickly attached onto the hydraulic hose and are immediately ready for use. The pump is contained in a noise absorbing foam enclosure which makes the pump barely audible (less then 60 dB). The system is controlled by a water resistant hose mounted control unit.

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The Rapid Assault Tools’ Electro-Hydraulic Breaching Kit has been completely redesigned from the ground up with a focus on speed, stealth, and durability. This kit features a ruggedized, purpose-built hydraulic pump powered by DeWalt 60V FLEXVOLT Batteries. The unit is surrounded by a noise canceling enclosure which makes the pump operation barely audible, while also improving durability. The pump is three times faster and three times more powerful than the previous model. The entire package is available in a custom made FirstSpear Backpack that is designed to be worn with Ballistics. This coupled with our wide range of quick connect hydraulic breaching heads, gives operators the tools they need to gain access to even the most fortified targets. 

Tools Available

  • Long Stroke Door Pusher (11in) for barricaded doors
  • Door Pusher for inward or outward swinging doors
  • Jamb Spreader for quiet, low damage entries
  • Bolt cutter in two sizes for chain, padlocks, and window grills
  • 3-Ton Spreading Wedge for sliding glass doors window grills, gates, and trunk lids
  • Rebar / Cable cutter


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