C50™ Air Purifying Respirator


The Avon Protection C50™ protective mask shares key technologies with the U.S. M50/JSGPM (Joint Services General Purpose Mask) to provide maximum operational flexibility. It is capable of countering multiple threat scenarios, including chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological (CBRN) agents, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), and toxic industrial materials (TIMs).

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The C50 twin port mask is NIOSH CBRN Cap 1 approved with the CBRNCF50 filter (TC-14G-0318), NIOSH 42 CFR 84 riot control CS/CN/P100 approved with the CTCF50 filter (TC-14G-0322) and NIOSH 42 CFR 84 P100 approved with the CFP100 filter (TC-84A-9233). The C50 meets the latest NATO military requirements.

CBRN Agent Resistance Requirement C50 Performance
Mustard (H) / Sarin (GB) 36 hours Greater than 36 hours
Soman (GD) / VX 36 hours Greater than 36 hours
Laboratory protection factor performance (sodium chloride) 2,000 Greater than 10,000
Re-breathed CO2 Less than 1% 0.8%
Inhalation resistance at:
30 l/min 5 mm WG 3 mm WG
95 l/min 15 mm WG 13 mm WG
160 l/min 25 mm WG 23 mm WG
Exhalation resistance at 160 l/min 30 mm WG 15 mm WG
Mask weight N/A 490 grams
NIOSH Visual Field Score (VFS) 90 96



Please select the correct size according to the sizing chart guide found in the photo gallery for this product.

NOTE: For proper mask fit, faces must be clean shaven.

Facial hair, sideburns, bangs and headwear may prevent a protective facepiece from forming and/or maintaining a tight-fitting seal on someone’s face. It is recommended the user be clean shaven and/or hair pulled back for sizing and using the respirator to ensure an appropriate seal.

To ensure you have selected the correct size you should perform a negative pressure test. The negative pressure test can be performed by putting the mask on your face, breathe out, then block the inhalation valve and take a deep breath. For the FM50 you will need to block both inhalation valves before taking a breath. The mask should collapse to the face. If you experience a tight seal to your face then the mask has the right fit.

If you are still unsure of your size or are certain you are going to be in a hazardous environment and need to ensure the most accurate sizing you may purchase a Sizing Tool.

*Except in the rare case of defective product. Please contact customer service for further instruction in this instance.

Warnings and Limitations of Use

  • Always perform a satisfactory negative pressure leak test before using this respirator.
  • Do not use in confined spaces such as stills, tanks or sewers. This device does not provide supplied breathable air.
  • It is unlikely that the requirements for inward leakage of the system will be met if facial hair, or spectacle side arms pass under the face seal of the full face mask.
  • Do not use this equipment in Oxygen deficient atmospheres (<19.5% Oxygen) or for airborne contaminants or pollutants for which the approved filter canister(s) will not provide adequate protection.
  • Do not use this equipment in Oxygen enriched atmospheres (> 22.5% Oxygen).
  • System set-up, pre-check, donning, doffing, cleaning and maintenance must be performed in an area known to be free of contaminants.
  • Do not use if any system component demonstrates signs of wear or damage.
  • Do not use in areas where the head harness may be exposed directly to flame.

Potential misuse of the equipment may result in serious, irreversible respiratory harm or death. These actions include:

  • Firefighting.
  • Modifying, removing or re-configuring any of the system components other than as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Adapting the system to accommodate attachments or apparatus not approved for use by the manufacturer.
  • Re-using the equipment without appropriate decontamination or following impact or tear damage without inspection and testing, even though contamination or damage may not be apparent.
  • Use with unapproved filter canisters.

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